That was Dirty Harry’s line, wasn’t it? And this looks like the kind of place he’d have found himself, in hot pursuit of  his latest prey. Presumably, this was once a commercial property of some sort, and oh how cool it would be if there was a way to watch a building like this via time lapse over a period of 100 years or so. Alas, we are not so lucky.

As the trend is turning back to the improvement of neighborhoods, a little corner spot like this would ideally be repurposed into something that would serve the local community. Ever wonder how many lives a cat like this has had or what it looked like and what its seen?


4 responses to “WTH: Go Ahead, Make My Day”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Would guess it would be like a “general store” at one time, run by a neighborhood resident who knew all the kids, etc. There was a Shell service station down the street on the East Side from where i grew up where the owner built his house next door to his station, for instance (16th and Emerson).

  2. Nila Jamerson says:

    I’m having a hard time imagining what it was supposed to look like in the first place. How sad!

  3. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Was kinda thinking the same thing, Basil…but may never know for sure. 😉

  4. Anonymous says: