Marion County courthouse being pillaged and razed in the shadow of the ‘new’ City County Building, 1963 (photo: IHPC)

WTH? Normally we ask: Will this hurt? Will this help? This happened 50 years ago, so the more appropriate question would be Did this hurt or did this help? And by “this” we mean the destruction of the beautiful Marion County Courthouse in trade for the City County Building?

We’re switching it up In honor of the presence of the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference happening in Indianapolis this week.

Remove economic motivations, remove excuses, and ask yourself–fom an aesthetic point of view: is this compatible or incompatible, good or bad, worthy or unworthy  of the fine capital city of Indianapolis? Please bear in mind: the only purpose of this series is to stand for the appropriate renovation and redevelopment of the built environment of Indianapolis. No malice, no hostility, just observation and inquiry. 

Marion County Courthouse

1876 Marion County Courthouse, designed by Irishman Isaac Hodgson, Tomlinson Hall, also since razed, in background