WTH: Will this hurt? Will this help?

As Indy evolved over time, the most popular of sports in “development” would appear to be demolition. In some instances, however, the residences in the path of the (overused and not always appropriate word) “progress,” were repurposed for commercial endeavors.

In cities like Louisville, you have whole business districts comprised of such retrofitted structures. In Indianapolis, the practice seems much more sporadic. And while there are businesses that retain much of the original character (think tea house or bed and breakfast), there are others that alter the exterior look.

Here is an example on 22nd Street. Though unsure what business operated or operates here, we ask: does this hurt or help? The look of the building, the feel of the building, the “inviting” factor of the building? What does this sort of remuddle say? And could it be said better?

WTH? Will this hurt? Will this help?

Remove economic motivations, remove excuses, and ask yourself how far has this strayed from its original design? From an aesthetic point of view: is this compatible or incompatible, good or bad, worthy or unworthy  of the fine capital city of Indianapolis? Please bear in mind: the only purpose of this series is to stand for the appropriate renovation and redevelopment of the built environment of Indianapolis. No malice, no hostility, just an observation.

For those who need help or guidance in how to sympathetically restore or alter historic buildings, Indianapolis is fortunate enough to have the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC), located in the City-County Building.

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  1. Scott Goodwine says:

    I considered purchasing this property several years ago. It actually looks in better shape than it did then, although that stone was still there. There was a beauty shop on the first floor and a small power religious radio station upstairs. The purchase price included the vacant lots to the north of it.

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