WTH: Also stands for Will This Help/ Will This Hurt? 

There have been a number of recent conversations at HI HQ about this particular weekly feature…

We decided that due to the huge number of viewers for this column, we will continue to post photos of Indy’s built environment that prompts the wrinkling of a nose, squinting of an eye or a turn of the corners of a mouth upside down.

We would also ask that you ponder the question when looking at any of these photos: Will this hurt or will this help the future and advancement of our city?

WTH? Will this hurt? Will this help?

Remove economic motivations, remove excuses, and ask yourself how far has this strayed from acceptable new design? From an aesthetic point of view: is this compatible or incompatible, good or bad, worthy or unworthy  of the fine capital city of Indianapolis? Please bear in mind: the only purpose of this series is to stand for the appropriate renovation and redevelopment of the built environment of Indianapolis. No malice, no hostility, just an observation.

Illinois St 2

Where’s this hotspot? Illinois Street between New York and Vermont.