Vinyl on top, stone on the bottom?

The porch alterations look like tiny toothpick ‘columns’ shoved into a large stone boot …

But then, onto the south elevation of the house and the bedrock story continues…

WTH Historic near east side

…and the side view.

There’s stone, there’s vinyl, there’s another toothpick and…it’d be perfect for any of the three little piggies, anyway. What does this say to you?

WTH Historic

3 responses to “WTH: Stone Cold (Whiskey Tango) Fox…”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Hate to say it, but this house looks “weird”!

  2. Paul Mullins says:

    The house does not aesthetically fit into a particular style or preservationists’ notion of “authenticity,” but that lengthy series of additions tell a story about the growth of a family and the life of the structure over a century. This is only stylistically a “WTH,” and the column again risks missing the more compelling hidden stories of idiosyncratic structures and misses an opportunity to tell a story that is more interesting than decrying a building that does not fit narrowly defined stylistic expectations.

  3. Steffanie Moore says:

    It has a big shop attached! I don’t care if it looks like Skylab fell on an Airstream!
    Seriously, maybe I can use it to work my way way into one of those Painted Ladies I drool over.