Gleaming in the distance, you might not be able to tell what it is…

While this column doesn’t tend to offer commentary on paint colors–that bei much more personal and an individual matter of taste than well established rules of architecture.  The focus of WTH is the variety of odd remuddling choices people will act out on the exterior of an unsuspecting house: tiny windows in a sea of siding or otherwise bastardizing the original intent of the design.

Had the window and door openings not been treated in the manner they are (what’s UP with the one little window within a boarded up window space?), we may have had to skip this one.

However, reviewing each side of the house, it seemed appropriate to ask: should you be able to turn your home into a giant art billboard?

What say you?

Location: Cable Street, West Side

10 responses to “WTH: Taste the Rainbow”

  1. Norm Morford says:

    That house looks like one that once was hdqtrs for a motorcycle gang.

  2. aaron K says:

    I love it! I wish it wasn’t vacant.

  3. Meghann says:

    It’s the green way of disposing of paint…. 😉

  4. Jeff Downer says:

    Just a shot in the dark: a student art project?

  5. Kićo says:

    Eh, I kind of admire it. Not saying I’d have it, but at least someone dared to dream.

  6. Jason says:

    I like it. I would not mind living there as a rental. The little window is an odd touch, though.


    A vampire clearly lives there.

  8. Joe Shoemaker says:

    I LOVE This place. Inspires me to rethink some of the exterior design I’m doing to my house. I’m particularly fond of the red section…seems like digital pixels. Very neat!

  9. Tracey says:

    This is how I remember a lot of this area looking in the 70s, with some additional woodrot and assorted unoccupied people sitting around in their undershirts in the middle of the day (both sexes), yelling at their Kool-Aid-stained kids. I’m SO thrilled the area’s no longer like that!

  10. Anonymous says: