No need to drone on endlessly here: it’s beige; it’s tall; it’s got a steep-pitched roof. And a bare minimum of windows. If it were red, this would undoubtedly be mistaken for a real life Monopoly House. The appendage on the back looks like an enlarged outhouse and we’re left wondering what this may have looked like when first constructed? Seems like a lot of real estate without the benefit of sunshine. How would you make this over if given the opportunity?

Located: near east side

2 responses to “WTH Wednesday: Beige Monopoly Hotel”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Having grown up on the East Side inside Center Township, I’ve got to stay with this blog!

  2. David Brewer says:

    Looks like a fairly common late 19th Century house design. The structure on the back is a lean-to kitchen–probably added on later. Most likely was a door in the part that’s sticking out. I am also going to guess that there was a spindly wraparound porch that went back to the kitchen. The vinyl siding doesn’t look that old, but it could be covering a multitude of things, including insulbrick.

    Interesting old house!