When an ill-fitting Mickey D’s billboard is one of the highlights of a building, you know you’ve got a problem. This poor baby is a sad polyglot of remuddling, with local favorite, vinyl encasing much of the building, but a bit of brick peeking out at the corner, like a high slit dress on a leggy blonde. Truly confounded by the painted over little square windows (?) and more vinyl underneath.

Best guess that there was a smoky bar within these walls sometime in the past 40 years. The shingles up top, where more vinyl has obviously fallen away make this look even more confused.

Surprising with how many graffiti ‘artists’ we have in the city that this thing isn’t tagged to the max with these wide swaths of open vinyl. Seems like the ideal type of billboard for such a canvas.

Anyone know what this used to be? Or thoughts on what it could be?

Location: NW Quadrant



5 responses to “WTH Wednesday: Commercial Billboard?”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    curious…must stay with this!

  2. Susan Kraeszig says:

    My mother and her family lived in the house next door to this building in the ’40’s. She said it was once a well-respected, privately owned drugstore with a soda fountain – called Strerwalt’s drugstore, with a pharmacist named Hobe.

  3. mike says:

    That sure is a nice awning over NOTHING on the left side. 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    Looks like it’s begging for some serious street art (not just tags)! What’s that mural on the far left? It looks interesting.

  5. daryle says:

    My grandmother lived in the 2900 block of boulevard and when I was little in the mid 1980’s this building housed a variety store named Blows, where a little boy could buy “real” penny candy . The mural on the wall says Blowskis. a failed attempt the modernizes a long failing business.