Homes aren’t alone in their subjection to heinous makeovers. There is no lack of commercial (former) gems in our fair metropolis, either. Look at the lovely bricks framing this westside storefront. Disastrous polyglot of plywood and dead wrong window openings, this wants for a mega-makeover…. how would you change this if it were yours?

2 responses to “WTH Wednesday: Commercial Disaster”

  1. Ann Olivia says:

    I would need some time to come up with a comprehensive plan…but just jumping into it, I would remove said eyesore paneling and wood, steam clean the brick and stone pediments, and I’m thinking the best element to compliment the structure is glass…framed out in steel…whether double doors flanked by plate glass windows, or retractable window /walls. I’m leaning towards a contemporary installation that will juxtapose nicely with the early 20th century building… I’d like to see a glazing etching or frosting that repeats the Herringbone or basket weave pattern of the bricks… We have a restaurant Herringbone (seafood) here in San Diego that would work nicely in this spot!

  2. Paul says:

    Looks like beautiful West Michigan St.

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