This almost evokes days of playing with legos…before you knew how to appropriately assemble anything. Also reminiscent of a giant feng shui inspired fountain, with multiple levels of water falls. Or from the other view like a stack of bird houses? What do you see?

What is going on here?

-Additions upon additions to original house.

-Window openings have been altered and/or created

-New windows not in keeping with the style of the original house.

-Original part of house now covered in vinyl siding

-Placement of bricks, facing only a small part of the home’s front does not fit with the original part of the house.

– Addition on the right is disproportionate to the home’s original design.

Possible Remedies

-Remove the multiple additions made to the house. Perhaps move addition to exist as a separate structure?

-Reinstall original window sizes in original placements

-Replace vinyl siding with wood siding as the original would have had

Location: Vicinity of Westbrook and Vandalia




5 responses to “WTH Wednesday: House of Five Gables”

  1. Dana Hubbard says:

    six gables

  2. fasd says:

    While I admit this is kind of crazy, I also kind of like it

  3. Aaron says:

    I’d guess that you’d need a map and some hiking boots to navigate the stairs inside. This is a gutter company’s dream (sales not installation). Possible remedy: remove all brick and siding, and replace with Japanese paper with matching lanterns.

  4. Roberta X says:

    Aesthetics aside, there are at least two chimneys significantly lower than habitable levels of the home, which usually presents a Building Code problem (and, depending on what’s venting where, possibly a nice carbon monoxide exposure).

    This thing could probably be made to look plausible without losing the addition but it would take a lot of work.

  5. Mike says:

    Roberta: Maybe the ambulance is there to haul off someone overcome by the carbon monoxide ?