Have you ever been walking down a bunch of steps–maybe carrying something that obscures your view– and you think there’s one more step, but there isn’t? That awkward/ miscalculated step feeling is what comes to mind when I look at this East Washington apartment building.

I’m no architect, but the scale of windows to siding here is disconcerting. There’s something that feels sort of Brazilian about it…like it’s been shaved down to the most bare and stark version of itself possible. I suppose the little wood ‘porch’ could be considered a landing strip, but the thing just looks wrong. Speaking of porch, I believe that’s a DISH protruding from its side–which kills my initial thought that the aluminum strip along the top might be to improve tv reception.

What could make this building more inviting? Thoughts?


10 responses to “WTH Wednesday: Missed a Step”

  1. Jim says:

    It’d be interesting to know what this once was. But bigger windows and a regular roof would at least put lipstick on this pig.

  2. Julie Smith says:

    It could use a roof that overhangs and has some pitch to it. It reminds me of a snowman without a hat on it. The windows could be bigger or at least be double windows. They definitely covered up some features when they put on the vinyl. I would have the covering over the porch be flat, get rid of the slanted piece of plywood.

  3. Bihl Beckstedt says:

    Well, a tattered sofa on the “lawn” certainly couldn’t do any harm.

  4. Bob Iversen says:

    Something about the roof line makes me think the original roof was torn off in a tornado.

  5. Virginia Singer says:

    Where on Washington is this building? What is street number?

  6. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    NW Corner at Oakland

  7. Denna says:

    In addition to the suggestions above regarding the roof and windows, adding a real porch across the front and some landscaping would do wonders

  8. Steph Mineart says:

    Is that vinyl or wood siding? If it’s something other than wood, removing it would probably give you the dimensions of the original windows. Who knows what the roof used to look like.

  9. car hunter says:

    more inviting: paint that sucker bright red and put some fat cylinders on top to make it look like a giant lego.

  10. basil berchekas jr says:

    The roof could use some eaves, the “porch” could be expanded with porch railings, window frames wouldn’t hurt, and that odd looking “well” could be moved out into the yard…and landscaping would be a tremendous bonus here! I’m no architect either; those are just thoughts of mine for this weird building on the Old National Road…