How apropos that this mysterious domicile should stand on a street name that evokes everyone’s favorite Victorian sleuth. Not sure Sherlock himself would have gotten to the bottom of this one, though. Ever pass a house and think “someone’s in hiding in there”? That may be nowhere near the truth, but based on this appearance, you wouldn’t be surprised to find an agoraphobic within. Can we all agree that the long narrow window, high up within the enclosed former porch seems odd? Sort of ‘Kilroy was here’? Let’s face it, if a fire breaks out, you aren’t getting through those windows without an axe…or bulldozer.

What is going on here?

-Window openings should allow for ample light, especially at the front of a home–this does not.

-Front porch has been enclosed with all siding, rather than those with windows that have been enclosed to  allow for a barrier against cold or mosquitos while being able to watch what is happening outside.

-The front entrance location has been changed from being under a porch, shielding entrants from weather and such, to a fully exposed and unwelcoming.

-The window next to the front door is an odd size and shape and set into a space much larger than the window.

-Rather than a strip of grass or plants, there is a large concrete  step up, further adding to the uninviting feel to the entrance.

-Some windows have muntins, some do not–just adding to the feel that something is off.

–It is difficult to understand what the house would have originally looked like with the various levels and additions.

Possible Remedies

-Open porch back up and put front door entrance under it.

-Remove the added door and side window; one window might be appropriate there instead.

-Restore uniformity and consistency in scale and style of windows.

–Replace vinyl siding with wood as original would have had.

-Replace front concrete slab with something more welcoming and buffering between the house, sidewalk and asphalt of the street.

Location: Vicinity of Holmes and New York