Simple and modest homes can be fab, often better than the gaudy gargantuan ones, but then come the alterations. Admiration turns to curiosity to the squinting eyebrows and finally here to “WTH?” Evidently, you are not welcome here unless you have a garage door opener, since that seems to be the only entry point on this front elevation.

You don’t have to roll out a red carpet or a carefully manicured bed of flowers, but at least you’d have 100+ channels to choose from if  you were to find your way inside…


6 responses to “WTH Wednesday: No Entry”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Unfortunately, no amount of landscaping would make this bland front inviting (like it probably was, with a big front porch or other items in its probable original state)…

  2. Pete Kuhns says:

    Looks like something from pre-colonial Rhode Island! Minus a few things…

  3. Dawn Olsen says:

    Obiously, you’re meant to climb through the window. But if you’re up for a challenge, you could always come down the chimney, a la Santa. … Actually, this would be the perfect frontage for someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy visitors. Haven’t we ALL hidden behind the door/in the bathroom/in a back room when the doorbell rings? No need to play “not home” when you don’t have a front door to hide from!

  4. Virginia.Singer says:

    Are you sure this is the front? This looks like the back of the house to me.

  5. Jess says:

    Guess that’s one way to protect against home invasion.

  6. Theresa says:

    Um, wow. I guess they wouldn’t have a problem getting furniture inside. 🙂

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