Vinylphant? Yeah, it’s a new word. What do you call the proverbial pink elephant in the room when it’s really a dismal vinyl box in a neighborhood? We’re proposing: Vinylphant.


The look of vinyl is to preservationists what fingernails on the chalkboard are to the average high school student.

Sad from color to composition to correctional facility sized windows…


One response to “WTH Wednesday: Vinylphant”

  1. Suzanna Johnson says:

    The wonderful shade of depressing gray makes the Vinylphant moniker even more apt. After seeing house after house fall into disrepair, and then into the ground, in my home town of Connersville, IN I am getting a little more warmhearted toward the vinylphants in C’ville. In the perpetual Pollyanna mode I hope that the next step will be to repair things that need it and then the beautiful siding can be restored at a later date. A few of those fairy tales stories have happened, but not enough I am afraid.