WTH Weds NWside1

With the recent movements towards loving all things hyper-local, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say many of us would rather shop little neighborhood serving corner stores over strip-malls, if they would make a return appearance. For those neighborhood commercial buildings that managed to survive, the years haven’t always been kind. Like the really old lady who went under the plastic surgeon’s knife one too many times, these buildings have elements that just don’t look right.

Take the top half of this building, for example: what’s going on here? Vinyl siding, and vinyl ill-fitting windows aren’t doing this old gal any favors. Anyone else consumed with curiosity about what’s under that vinyl? Is there a name hidden up top?  This is still in a neighborhood and one wonders how this could best serve the locals?  A little restaurant? Coffee shop? What do you imagine here?

Location: NW quadrant