St. Patrick’s Day was just last week, so I’m still a little bit in an Irish mood. I’m still having beer and hoping for some Irish luck. It’ll pass soon enough, to be replaced with an urge to grill out and mow the lawn.

This building though is apparently ready for March 17 every day of the year. Or at least its lower left quadrant is. It looks like there is enough green there to paint the Barney castle a nice shade of clover. Of course, the paint just covers a flat plywood front, with some extra bits of cream-painted plywood randomly tacked on as “trim”.

Like an English cousin, the right half is far more subdued in appearance. Its modern dark-tinted thermal windows and internally lighted bail bond sign exude a modern no-nonsense business aura. Even the canary yellow awning is stretched tight and terse in its wording.

Then, in contrast above those, are two stories and an ornate cornice of neglected American Italianate style. The dirt and soot-covered window heads attest to the age of the building, while the cornice’s peeling paint attests to the lack of attention paid to it. Fortunately, the neglect has maintained the historic style, and the upper stories haven’t been subjected to steel-cased windows and plywood trim.

Perhaps the bar has some left over cream paint to touch up that cornice…I’m pretty sure they don’t have any green left.