This DIY disaster isn’t 100 years in the making, but we can safely say this house is unsinkable. Bet those portholes have a great view at sunset!

Pertinent Address: 2300 Block, Prospect Street

5 responses to “WTH Weds: A Dormer of Titanic Proportions”

  1. Molly Head says:

    I know this is not-so-good design, but I have seen a lot worse. Obviously these people wanted a fuller second floor, and perhaps it was more cost effective to expand their current home rather than buy or move into a another larger space. Not everyone can afford fabulous design. (From Columbus, Indiana, so do know about and appreciate good design!)

  2. Jen says:

    Ahoy, mateys! I think this column has become a little too elitist and snarky for my taste. You two seem to spend a lot of time attacking people who are just getting-by. While the changes on this house are not great, they aren’t horrible either. I would also like to remind you that this is someone’s home. Not everyone can afford to move or pay an architect when they need that extra space. You should respect the limitations of some of our neighbors. Perhaps your energies would be better spent actually doing something to forward good design instead of taking cheap shots.

  3. Molly Head says:

    I would like a satire of some of the design in Carmel . . the new “old” buildings like the Carmel City Center right next to the Palladium? Some of the buildings in the Carmel Arts and Design (?) District are horrid, in my opinion. Take a shot at some of that awful design, please!

  4. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    As much as I completely agree with you about the crop of new stinkers, Molly, the purpose of WTH is to show examples of how not to treat beautiful historic architecture. It’s not meant to be a mean-spirited attack on an individual, but poking fun of the odd choices employed to alter the original characteristics of historic buildings. We do not know the financial condition of anyone featured in WTH, just that poor choices have been made for the structure.

  5. Jen says:

    “Poking fun” in the way that this column does, does seem mean-spirited… even if that wasn’t the intent. This column has become the equivilant of the old Glamour magazine “Dos and Don’ts” column- which showed photos of women that the mag considered to be making a fashion faux pas. I always felt sorry for those ladies, so cruelly poked at and mocked by the magazine editors, their photos on display for the world. I always thought that a kinder way would have been to stop them on the street and give them a mini make-over. Have you ever considered doing that… virtually of course. It would promote good design without making rude statements about others “odd choices”. These two fellows are LAs and should be able to advise the public. Of course, you might not find that as much “fun”..

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