We typically don’t pick on color choices for historic homes in What the H*ll, since colors are such a personal preference and just about any color could be historically accurate.

However, we make an exception for this work in progress.

Purple can be a fine historic color choice. Many Victorian homes originially were painted in the new unnatural, man-made colors of the era. This house is of an age that it could reasonably fit that category. Though, it does seem to be an odd method of painting a house, starting with the porch and parts of the gable and some random siding areas. Even odder too is the fact that it appears that the entire house is going to be purple.

However, what makes this house really an example of WTH is a look at the restored house next door:

House on Ritter 2

Hey, look up on the gables of the neighbor’s house! It’s that same purple paint! Copycat!

Oh wait, I see what you did there. Your neighbors probably had some leftover paint when they were done restoring their house and were kind enough to share it with you to cover your peeling white siding. There just wasn’t quite enough to cover any one part of your house though…

[We sincerely hope the best for this house painting job with the coming warmer weather. It will probably look just fine when, and if, it is completed.]