I think maybe someone was smoking something when they started building this palatial atrocity. One of my besties lives right around the corner and I was pretty gobsmacked when I first saw this architectural gem.

I thought: “Wow, that looks like some kinda crazy-cracky house…” only to be informed that may not far off from the truth. Anyone know the real scoop on it?

I would have taken more photos, but as I snapped the first one, I noticed a “No trespassing sign,” so promptly bolted…they could be hiding thermonuclear weapons in this compound.

How does building something like this get approved? I realize this one’s not historic, but if it’s still standing, it will undoubtedly be going down in history. You just have to say WTH?

Or maybe: “You put your weed in there.”


It’s like photoshop gone mad…