It’s funny how some places retain legendary status regardless of time. (I learned that first hand when I stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria a couple of years ago, but that’s a WTH for another day.) I’d heard so much about the lavish and exclusive of Golden Hill that I wasn’t sure I would be allowed past the neighborhood’s threshold without being specially anointed. This, however, was not the case. The people were friendly and welcoming (ok, the police car in front of one home was slightly off-putting, particularly considering the median age of attendee) and the houses were for the most part warm and looked like real people actually inhabited and loved each one of them. It was also very generous of the homeowners to offer such a treat to the attendees of the Indiana Landmarks annual meeting. (Sincere thanks!!)

Even in Golden Hill?

And though the houses on view in Golden Hill were lovely, it seems there are some neighbors not keeping up with the Joneses…or Andersons, as the case may be… Next door to one of the homes on view was an edifice that many of us discussed during the cocktail hour–moreso than the homes we were permitted to peruse. It was heartening to hear others talking about wanting to get their hands on the place for some overdue TLC. We all wondered if this was about to undergo renovation or if it was even occupied? You see this sort of thing in the downtown urban neighborhoods, but Golden Hill? Mon dieu! How’d that happen?


One response to “WTH Weds…even in Golden Hill?”

  1. Eric DiBlasi says:

    I was shooting photos in this neighborhood recently & got lost shooting this blighted property. It’s a dump. Did you ever find out what the deal is with it?