This prairie style* addition certainly adds a bit of architectural flair to this fine commercial structure.  Wouldn’t ya say?

I believe that this was most recently a bar or club.  And if you ever happen to see me attaching anything that ugly to the side of my house, you are hereby free to “bar or club” me to death. The neighbors will most certainly thank you and probably help you dispose of the body.

* I use that term very very loosely.

2 responses to “WTH Weds: Frank Lloyd Wrong”

  1. Tim Dale says:

    I enjoy your site!
    As for the WTH building, this was Paxtons tavern for many years. The specialty was catfish. The “addition” was most likely built in the mid/late 50’s and was a family dining room, out of sight of the bar. Not much thought went into the design it would seem. There used to be windows. I dont know if the owners died, moved, or what, but as the neighborhood changed,Paxtons went downhill. After closing, the large neon letters and sign came down and most recently is was a hispanic bar.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Josh Rogers says:

    This was once an ice cream stand when I was kid.

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