Those of you who have seen the original Wolfman movie (I saw it as a child in the theater) will recall how the Wolfman would stalk and terrorize the village, striking fear in anyone who saw him.

When I look at these photos, I can’t help but think this poor building has been cursed with a similar condition. Like the Wolfman, this building puts fear in the hearts of those that live and drive by it. Because it clearly looks so different and frightening, there can be nothing but evil things lurking behind it’s doors.

3000 block of Pennsylvania Street

Sadly at the end of the Wolfman, fear wins out and the poor fuzzy sap is bludgeoned to death.

And now last week we discovered that, under the City of Indianapolis’ new “Demolish Indy” plan, this building’s days are numbered.

3000 Block of Pennsylvania Street

So applaud yourselves. You have defeated the beast my valiant villagers! It is far easier to kill than rehabilitate. Rest your heads. Soon all will be peaceful once again. Celebrate by treating yourselves to a fro-yo and a latte.

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