What is going on here?

-Window openings have been altered with a scale too small for the size of the home

-Windows have been removed and/or covered– note there is no rhyme, reason or symmetry to the placement of windows.

-There appear to be three entrances.

-The configuration of the windows are not consistent from one floor to another.

-Front porch  and spindles are gone.

-Porch floor appears to have a gulf between it and house entrance.

-Homes of this era would have had trim around windows and doors.

Possibly Remedies

-Restore one main entrance (and possibly a side door and/or a back door).

-Restore appropriate placement, sizing and symmetry to windows.

-The front porch should be restored so that the floor meets the house and there is a roof, columns and spindles.


Location: 1100 Block of Jefferson Avenue




3 responses to “WTH Weds: Ginormous on Jefferson”

  1. Patrick Hauck says:

    It would be a good idea to include a photo or drawing of a similar house in its unaltered condition to educate people who need visuals to comprehend impact..

  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Agreed, that is a great idea.

  3. basil a berchekas jr says:

    Know this general area of the Brookside Park addition area; grew up on the East Side; wish to follow this post!