Yikes!  What in the name of baby Jesus made them think this was a good idea?

This year, I’m sure thankful that I don’t live here.

2 responses to “WTH Weds: Good Lord!”

  1. Jonathan Katz says:

    I know the story here. This is on Hoyt, a block from my in-laws.

    This is one of Jim Jones’ first churches, and over the years has been a host to various neighborhood preachers, including one who emptied the church coffers and headed to the Caribbean. Most recently a couple purchased the church and was rehabbing it as a house. They made good progress, replacing windows, adding insulation and siding, and then they broke up, abandoning the house before it was complete.

  2. Jeff Downer Indianapolis says:

    The product of a broken home, huh? Sad. The Jim Jones connection is spooky.

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