Mc Shane’s Pub, on Emerson and E. Michigan, used to be a damn fine bar.  It was one of those bars that you’d expect to see very important people frequenting after a hard day on the job.  A friend once said that some of the city’s mayors used to stop in from time to time.  I had my first drink at McShane’s, and my second, and my third.  I also lost my first, second and third drinks here in the parking lot next to a friend’s car.

Then it eventually became a crappy, run-down bar that was only frequented by the fearless and/or criminally reckless.  It became the kind of crime-ridden dive that could bring neighborhoods together, only because they want to shut the place down.  And thankfully, the brave residents of Emerson Heights did just that a few years ago.

Now it’s a…..uh.  Um.  I’m not exactly sure.  Apparently a contractor bought the place and made a few “improvements” such as:

  • Power washing the paint off the brick…sorta
  • Adding some beautiful signage…if you have really low standards in signage.
  • Installing some decorative natural stone accents to make it appear the building was built by the hand of God… or rather what ended up in the hand of God after a particularly nasty sneeze.
  • Some tall….no, short!  No, tall….aluminum fencing designed to …make the place look classier.
  •  A garage door in the rear of the building so if you wanted to park yourself at the bar all day you could literally park yourself at the bar.
  •  A cornucopia of fence and wall options along the parking lot.  Why choose one when you can have all of them at the same time?

At least the parking lot is still usable as you can see that someone is using the space to park their motorcy…..wait a second…

This company clearly has some serious skills in making your property look…well…as good as theirs does.  Stop by sometime and check out their impressive outdoor showroom.