Or in this case, perhaps not.

Meridian Street below Fall Creek in the early 1900s had the longest list of Who’s Who addresses in the city. Holliday. Coffin. Claypool. Chatard. Lilly. Rink. The list goes on and on. And speaking of on: time marched on, dismantling and destroying the majestic mansions of Meridian. Commercial buildings and apartment buildings took over most of that real estate. And then there’s one like this one at 2250 N. Meridian. The 1913 Blue Book says Mrs. David Kahn (and family) lived there. It is difficult to imagine how it may have looked back then. I just marvel. How the H*ll did this mess happen? What is that thing?

One response to “WTH Weds: Meridian, the most desired address?…”

  1. Dave Blomenberg says:

    It’s gone now, torn down for new development, but throughout the 90s was a strip joint constantly getting raided for prostitution and drug dealing in the upstairs. It was a modest reminder of 1600-1900 Meridian Street’s residential past. The more impressive reminders of that were long since torn down.