My new year’s resolution for 2012 was to be one that I was actually going to keep for the first time in decades.

I promised myself that never again would I poke fun at a house because it had goofy looking windows.  Never again would I point out the lack of symmetry or basic architectural design considerations.  Never again would I tear someone a new one because they had been suckered into spending hard-earned dollars on some crummy replacement windows.  After all, I think we’ve seen enough window travesties on WTH to make us all want to go back to living in caves and learning to make fire.

And then I saw this.

….and I thought to myself.  “What the hell is up with that handrail?!?!”

One response to “WTH Weds: New Year’s Resolution”

  1. P.J. says:

    Looks like they bought a door & windows in the Clearance isle. None of them are the same style, nor are they installed to make sense on the outside. I’ve seen this type of abomination many times–where people decide where to install windows or doors by the home’s interior floor plan/room use, regardless of what it looks like to the outside world.

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