Scanning your eyes from the top to the bottom of this downtown building reminds me of a man captivated by a woman with a beautiful face and an attractive physique, but with shoes that distract from the rest of the beauty.

There is something about pre-school bright green and a chain sandwich brand that doesn’t seem fitting with the building housing it. Gorgeous terra cotta and bright green seems a bit incongruous.┬áBut there you have it: at 15 and 17 N. Pennsylvania Street, a couple of the most ornate and petite commercial buildings in the downtown area.

Turns out the hot dog joint to the right actually had its genesis in the form of an Indianapolis meat company started in the early 1940’s. Good for them–and lucky them–what a great building!

We all know there are others that seem like an incongruous brand-meets-building; which are your most glaring examples?

What would you imagine was housed in these glorious buildings decades ago?

Not sure about the sandwhich shop, but before hot dogs, there were hats:



Might you have guessed?