This American Foursquare on East Michigan (why do I keep picking on East Michigan?) is reportedly part of the Witness Protection Program as you can clearly see that it’s been artfully disguised as a suburban…fortress?.

According to an unidentified source, this home was an informant in a government corruption case against a neighboring home.  You can’t see the home to the right because it was hauled off to the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute.  All that remains is a vacant lot and a white picket fence.

To protect the identity and ensure the security of this informant home, it was given an extreme makeover consisting of Kevlar-vinyl siding, teeny-tiny bullet-proof windows, multiple backup ventilation/cooling systems with built-in HEPA filtration, an enclosed and reinforced front porch with two steel-core safety doors,  a night-light sized infrared porch light with a panic strobe option, and multiple satellite dishes for deflecting surveillance signals (and/or talking to space pirates).

My advice to you is…if you see this home…don’t make eye contact.  Keep moving.

On an unrelated note, the City of Indianapolis is about to systematically demolish over 2000 homes in the name of progress.  Many of the homes slated for demolition are not only historic, but impressively intact and noteworthy.  I encourage you to join the Facebook group Stop the Demolitions, Indianapolis as well as let your local representatives know that you’re opposed to such rampant demolition.

Do you know of a property that should be included in WTH Wednesday? Email Eugene at and let him know.

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