Pretty sure there was a cottage under here at one point. Picture what this may have looked like originally: a quaint small front porch, no vinyl, no brick, different windows, and undoubtedly a whole slew of other things before someone started making changes.


An addition….


…and another….


Is this how home expansion should play out?  This is why historic preservation commissions were invented and are so necessary.

2 responses to “WTH Weds: One of These Parts is Not Like the Other”

  1. Norm Morford says:

    Tiffany — your account makes me think of a house on the southeast corner of 48th and Central. It had trouble selling, even though it looked pretty good from the exterior. However, someone had simply taken a corner out of the living room to create a bathroom.

    Maybe we ought to have a series on architectural oddities?

  2. Mike says:

    For Tiffany:

    Just a guess, but has someone been “finding” new construction materials somewhere and using them on that house? They need to ‘find’ more of the same type, huh?

    For Norm: That does sound odd. Maybe someone was an invalid in the house at one time, and no longer very mobile. The bed for the person was moved to the room nearest the entrance and a bathroom was added there for them? Just another one of my guesses.