Well, this is unfortunate.

Here’s how I suspect this happened:


Homeowner: I need new windows.  I’ll call a replacement window company! (dials phone)

TW Rep: Hello! Thanks for calling Terrible Windows!

Homeowner: Yes I was calling to see about getting some replacement windows for my house.

TW Rep:  Sure!  Our windows our rated #1 by an unnamed consumer magazine that is published in the basement of our headquarters and used to line the litter box of our 3-legged company cat, Stumpy Furbucket.

Homeowner: I live in an older home and the window size is unusual.  Do you have various sizes available to choose from?

TW Rep: Our windows can be customized to fit any opening.

Homeowner: That’s great!  How much are your windows?

TW Rep: We’re currently having a “Buy One, Get 9 Free” sale.  And if you refer us to 10 of your friends, we’ll throw in free installation, a free matching screen door, a free 3-legged cat, and a voucher for free snorkeling lessons from White River Scuba and Chemical Disposal.

Homeowner: Sold!


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