Franco-Spanish Colonial Revival-Moderne anyone? We are stumped as to what is actually happening with this house, what is original, and the design intent. We can however, point out  key architectural characteristics evidencing some sort of conflict in the architect’s office, fortunately for all involved no Germans came.

-Franco: Hipped roof typical of French Colonial houses. The wrought iron porch and chimney details seem to be straight out of the French Quarter.
-Spanish: If painted white, it could be perceived as a Spanish Revival/pueblo style.
-Moderne: Could be a Moderne building style because of its massing and window arrangement, but the brick details in the window surrounds and the corbelling strongly suggest otherwise, and it goes against the characteristic Moderne smooth façade.

Location: Watson Road in Watson-McChord Area

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  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Whatever this residence is, it does appear to be well maintained, and in an urbane (versus just urban) neighbor hood… Further investigation would be interesting. (Like when FDR’s detractors in the 1930s wanted to know “what is the Tennessee Valley Authority; TVA? Is it private industry or a government agency? Is it fish or fowl?” FDR responded as follows: “whether its fish or fowl, it’ll taste mighty good to the people of the Tennessee Valley”. Which it has.)

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