Well folks, I know the whole city is getting themselves all dolled up for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, but I’m about to drop some bad news on you (or good news if you despise my weekly comments).

I quit.

But I do so graciously and not without a great deal of thanks for my dear friend Tiffany.  Around the middle of last year she witnessed me “giving the business” to some pimple-faced Starbucks barista about the poor quality of my $9 latte.  After asking her what the hell she was laughing at, we introduced ourselves and engaged in some witty banter.  She later shared details of her HistoricIndianapolis.com endeavor and I shared that I generally hate the internet.

After discussing some of our favorite local landmarks and questioning the city’s decision to demolish so many historic structures, she asked me if I would be interested in writing a weekly column poking a little lighthearted fun at some less fortunate examples of questionable architectural design.  I, in turn, asked her if she thought my rash du jour might need medical attention.

Ultimately, I agreed on one condition: I would submit photos and commentary in hard copy form and she would get one of her minions to transcribe my comments to the world wide web or whatever the kids call it these days.  (For the record, I do not know or care what the hell a “tweeter” is and no, I most certainly do not have a Facespace page.)

In the end I had a good time while it lasted (death threats aside).  With my old age, I’m finding it more difficult to get out in the world to take photos each week.  I am happy to report that crime watch groups in this city are alive and well.  Thanks to one astute crime watch captain, I now know what the inside of the Marion County Jail looks like.  And thanks to my faulty decision to share a car with my forgetful dope-smoking grandson, one lucky IMPD officer is now well acquainted with what the inside of my hind-quarters looks like.  I’ve said too much.

Thanks for tuning in each week.  And thanks for reading my pointless drivel.

I leave you with one last questionable historic landmuck which, honestly, to me, looks a lot like Tammy Faye personified in architectural form.  (God rest her soul)

Best wishes, (and keep reading HistoricIndianapolis.com)

Prof. Eugene