This week’s submission is courtesy of avid HI reader, Richard Johnson, who spotted this house on East 10th Street.  While this house may not look all that interesting or offensive, the reader noticed something a little fishy going on with this one:

These aren’t boarded over windows. A close examination shows that they’re affixed to the siding itself, and not over any kind of window frame or usual architectural feature. These painted rectangles seem to be there solely to create the illusion of windows. No windows, doors, and no mailbox or mail slot either.

I drove by to snap a quick photo but I didn’t have time to stop and do a close inspection for myself.

While I can appreciate the lack of a mailbox – No Chase, for the 14,000th time, I’m not interested in opening a damned bank account or signing up for a credit card– something bizarre is going on here.  Check out the Google Map Street View.  What is this place? What are they hiding?

You know, unless I was a door-to-door door salesman, I’d probably skip this house and move on to the next place.

Thanks for the submission!  Keep ‘em coming.  The weirder, the better.

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