Front view, 234 E. Michigan Street, bet the view of downtown from the 2nd or 3rd floor is awesome…

I am officially OVER it…the destruction and greed and poor examples of entities that are operating under the guise of doing good for people. (For more on this topic, please refer to Wednesday’s post). Why are people so bloody lazy (or ruthless) about finding win-win situations that do the maximum good for the maximum number of people?

Yet again, we have an example of destruction for no good reason. The property in this instance, owned by the Salvation Army, is located just east of Delaware on Michigan Street and has long been one of the sweet architectural surprises as you make your way west from Mass Ave or any block east of Delaware… It is one of the very few Victorian era homes within the original mile square to have survived into the 21st century, and yet in this, our supposed age of enlightenment, with all our advancements, it is going to be bulldozed. The proposed future use is supposedly for “green space.” Mark my words, this will end up being a place for loitering, smoking and a magnet for debris and trash. What an improvement that will be!

This “oh well,” attitude so quickly embraced by the majority is truly distressing and speaks to the overall disposability so endemic to this time and, even more distressing (since I live here), this place. I also see a clear connection between this pervasive attitude and the rapid disintegration of civility. Manners are perilously near non-existent; most teenage girls dress like raging trollops; “respect” is merely a zippy Motown tune; TV programs/music/magazines/”entertainment” celebrate lying, cheating, egomaniacs and salaciousness–and look at the unending queues of people lining up to follow in their famous four figure priced shoes. I believe the destruction of history and architecture falls in line with the aforementioned.

I just posted the “…mad as hell!” clip on the facebook page from the movie “Network.” It summarizes how I feel at present. And have to chuckle at my inclination to follow suit, since such an action would clearly be uncivilized…

Missing the part about greed, short-sightedness and destruction


View from in front of the property looking east to the beautiful Athenaeum and Murat Theatre


From Delaware looking East


Across the street from the house. These people are about to lose a view…


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