I don’t get it.  In my mind, windows can make or break the beauty of a house.  And I’m not just talking about stained glass, or leaded-glass, or 24-over-1’s or any other fancy-pants styles.  Plain old historic windows can be just as beautiful as a Tiffany if done well and placed correctly.  Window placement in a home used to be an art form.  Now it’s like an afterthought….at best.

Now I’m not going to tear into those suburban cookie-cutter homes about their windows because that’s like picking on the slow kid in grade school. It’s just mean.

But, after driving around town these last few months looking for content ideas, I have to say I am a little bit disappointed in all of the examples of “Windon’ts” that I see in Indy.

These aren’t even some of the worst offenders I’ve seen.  I mean honestly, how do you top this one?  But they certainly qualify as offenders and they certainly make you hang your head in shame a bit when you see them.