The vinyl, wood awning, mismatched windows and missing windows (up top) aren’t cute. But……Form of: Hot Mess

Ever see some sort of personal ornamentation (makeup, clothing, hair, perfume) and think ‘Wow, it can’t get much worse than that,” to be quickly followed by a meal of just-spoken words and an “Oops, I spoke too soon”?

Such was the case in a recent wander above Fall Creek Boulevard. Squint, cock your head and scrutinize, the above vinyl clad double just looks a bit off. Not to a crash-your-car level of extreme, but still, you know it ain’t right.

Chancing upon the double’s long lost twin shows why the vinyl is such an unfriendly treatment, while also introducing new brow-wrinkling elements.

The first floor windows- ouch. What is that wood on either side of the window? Some shriveled up bead board? And are those mismatched doors even meant for an exterior purpose?

Check out the difference in the hand rails, too–well, not totally convinced there was supposed to be a hand rail. You? Which do you find better/ worse?