Tonight the Indiana Fever will try to extend its quest for a second WNBA Championship. Although women’s team sports have struggled throughout history to gain traction, the winning ways and intense game day environment have helped the Fever gain a place in the heart of many an Indy sports fan. Women’s basketball has always thrived in the state at the amateur level. The first high school girl’s basketball team was established at Shortridge High School during the 1898-99 school year. Until the Great Depression, many high school girls’ teams shared billing with the boys in Indiana gyms on Friday and Saturday nights. Since being reintroduced in the 70’s, Indiana continues to produce a substantial amount of talent, and Notre Dame University and Purdue University are often championship contenders. Until the creation of the WNBA in the 1990’s, there have been few opportunities for women to play professional team sports. That said, there have been a couple of historic moments when brave women have stepped across the gender divide in an attempt to play with the boys.