From the 1913 Blue Book comes this advertisement for the Morton Place Automobile Company, located at 1835 N New Jersey. The same location had started life as the Morton Place Stables, and today is a parking lot behind Footlite Musicals.

Favorite highlights of this one: “Its mere possession is a standing compliment to your taste.”

“All the Best People own it”

“If you love your wife, give her a woods.” No┬áinnuendo there.

Notice how none of the finely dressed women seem to be driving.

As for the car, the Woods Motor Vehicle Co. of Chicago manufactured electric autos from 1899 to 1916. In 1915, they created one of the first dual power (now called hybrid) cars, using a gasoline engine above 15 mph, and electric batteries below that. This furthered the company’s existence until 1918.

The car featured above appears to be their Electric Brougham. This car had a top speed of 20mph, range of 100 miles, and cost $3,000 when new.

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