We will probably cover the National Motor Company in more detail in the future, but for today, we take a look at an advertisement for their products, from a 1903 issue of the “Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal” (yes, at the time bicycles and automobiles were still lumped together as forms of personal transportation).

Arthur Newby, after his own experience in the bicycling industry, founded National in 1900. As indicated in the advertisment, the company began with electric automobiles, but expanded to internal combustion in 1903. The company lasted until 1924 when declining sales finally shut the doors.

In addition to Newby’s own connection to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a National automobile was the winner of the second Indianapolis 500 in 1912.

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  1. Charles Test says:

    The father of Skiles Test, Charles E Test helped to found NATIONAL with Arthur Newby.

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