How’s that? Park Tudor is above Broad Ripple–how is it connected to the Old Northside?

From the 1918 Blue Book, an advert for the Brooks School For Boys. We showed one from a city directory in 2010 when featuring the original location for Fredonia Allen’s nearby Tudor Hall School For Girls. Later, Tudor Hall and The Brooks School For Boys merged to form today’s Park Tudor School.


We also found a photocopy of the boys and their school at 1535 N. Central (date unknown) from a file at the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC).

I wonder how many times these boys found themselves wandering near the old Central Avenue Methodist Church, marveling at its architecture, as many of us do and will continue to do in its new life as the Indiana Landmarks Center.


Apologies for the scan quality, but here is also an Indianapolis News clipping from IHPC, showing some children we know visited “The Old Centrum.” Here’s hoping many more children visit and are inspired to join the greenest movement there is: preserving and protecting the amazing historic buildings we have!


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  1. Christine says:

    Cold Spring School, an IPS magnet at 38th and Cold Spring, has a plaque that says “Tudor Hall.” There is also a dormitory on the campus. How are these related?

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