A few ads and other info from the State Fair program from the 1888 State Fair.
Hotel English–before it consumed the entire northwest quadrant of the circle.


General Fair information:


10 cents round trip on a street car? If only those were still around…


George Merritt & Company, Woolen manufacturers; Grand Hotel; and McGilliard & Dark Insurance company were all based in Indianapolis.


Lilly & Stalnaker, purveyors of hardware–successors to Willis C. Vajen and Vajen-New Company had a shop at 64 East Washington Street. Looks like they were in the same block as The Model Clothing Company.


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  1. Marian Ely Ward says:

    That was a fun look-back! Thank you. Loved the “Take no heed of rumors . . . inquire of those whose duty it is to tell you” line.

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