Here are a couple advertisements for long-time Indianapolis industrial giant, Nordyke & Marmon. The first ad is from the 1890s. At the time, Daniel Marmon, the Marmon of the Nordyke & Marmon since 1866, was the president, while his son Howard also worked in the company. Since 1851, Nordyke & Marmon had been a well-known manufacturer of roller mills, grindstones, and other milling equipment.


Howard built a car for himself in 1903 and the next year began making others like it to sell. He founded the Marmon Motor Car Company, a subsidiary of Nordyke & Marmon. This 1907 advertisement shows the diversification in the company:


In 1911, the Marmon Motor Car Company produced the Marmon Wasp, which just happened to win a certain 500-mile race held for the first time that May…


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  1. Terry Gibson says:

    Hello I have a piece of Indianapolis history from Nordyke an Marmon Co.

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