From the 1913 Blue Book comes this ad for Hobbs & Dunn: “Landscape Architects and Engineers”.


And they also advertised in the 1913 City Directory…


Not too many landscape architects were around the city in the early 1900s, so Oliver Hobbs was one of the first. Mr. Hobbs lived at 1426 N. New Jersey, despite the family nursery being in Bridgeport, meaning that he was apparently earning a fair income in the landscape design business. Cooper Dunn may have been the engineer of “landscape architects and engineers”. He lived at 320 E. Walnut Street at the time. The rest of the Hobbs family seem to be more on the nursery and plant growing, based on their occupations listed in the directory.

Surprisingly, I cannot find much about Hobbs & Dunn or the projects they would have completed. Any one know more?


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