To piggyback on the fabulous Indianapolis Collected article of yesterday

Here’s a two-sided advert from the 1904 City Directory for Atkins Saw


2 responses to “Sunday Adverts: Atkins Saw”

  1. James Evans says:

    I was looking up some of the people from my old neighborhood, and was looking on Davidson st. I use to play baseball in the playground -parking lot of old school 7 back in the sixties, one day in 1967 there was a hurse across the street from where we were playing ball, there were a lot of steps leading up into the home. there were only two guys who were trying to bring a body out of the house at 215 s Davidson, they yelled across the street “can any of you boys help us with this ” a couple of my friends and I went over to help, we knew it was a body, but none of us had ever been that close to a body, anyway we helped get the gurney down the steps, I have never forgotten that day, then yesterday as I said I was looking up some of the people who lived there in my neighborhood, and I saw the persons name, I searched find a grave and found him, it told he was a – THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE – Occupation Packer for Atkins Saw Works on S Illinois Street, then today I opened my mail and there is this article about Atkins Saw

  2. Betty sciscoe says:

    I know I felt the same way. My dad worked there too!! My dad was Carl Lester Jones he was born in 1902 and died in 1971 all of family still live in Indiana!!! We lived on Walnut street park street neighborhood ☹️?

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