This art deco ad from the August 30, 1930, issue of the Indianapolis Recorder advertises the chiropractic services of Benjamin A. Osborne.  However, Osborne’s career as a chiropractor is just a small part of his story.  Born in Guyana in 1898, Osborne immigrated to the Indianapolis area as a young man.  He became a naturalized United States citizen in 1927, and a year later, he obtained his chiropractic license in Indiana.

As noted in this ad, he practiced in Indianapolis in 1930, but by the late 1930’s, he also added part-time deputy sheriff to his resume.  From 1935 to 1943, he served as a probation officer in Marion County.  In 1966, he was elected Center Township trustee, a position he held until his death in 1986.  As Center Township trustee, he championed aid to the poor, and his office was known for providing training to those requesting aid in the hopes they would not have to visit his office again.

Osborne’s legacy was honored posthumously at the Black History Month Achievement Banquet and Ball in 1987.  He is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.