Matchbook scan courtesy of Evan Finch.

Business: Fendrick’s Restaurants
Year of this Advertisement: 1950’s
Location:  110 N. Illinois Street and 231 s. Illinois – the two restaurants were four blocks apart and catered to travelers passing through Indianapolis
Neighborhood: Downtown
What they did: Restaurant
Years of operation: 1930’s – 1950’s
Notable: In 1955, Fendrick’s hosted the State Champion Crispus Attucks High School basketball team, of which basketball great Oscar Robertson was a member.  The entire team was African-American, and, at the time, this was a great step forward in promoting racial equality in Indianapolis.
Additionally:  Fendrick’s, located near Union Station, was designed by the architectural firm of Pierre & Wright, who also designed the Indiana State Library.  Do you remember going to Fendrick’s Restaurant and Peasant Room downtown?  What other downtown restaurants do you remember from the same time period?

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