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Irvington Ice & Coal Company

Icemen and coalmen made door-to-door deliveries by wagon or truck in the days when the Irvington Ice and Coal Company began its operation at 412. S. Ritter. The company was founded in 1916 within the city of Irvington (now an Indianapolis neighborhood) by local businessmen (the Swartz and Thompson families) who were eager to fulfill a growing need for ice in the summer and coal in the winter.

Though considered a bit of an aesthetic albatross amid the winding tree-lined neighborhoods of Irvington, the operation located near the railroad tracks in the business district for convenient access to the trains and trolleys. There is some historic evidence that the no-frills look of the complex was less-than-welcomed by its neighbors. Regardless, the essential nature of the II&CC kept it in biz for decades.

As refrigeration became common, and citizens turned to natural gas, coal and ice companies like the II&CC had to diversify or close.  Irvington Ice & Coal was eventually purchased by an oil company in the 1970s and was eventually shut down.  Today, several of the structures on the site still exist and a ghost sign still adorns at least one building.


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Did anyone in your family work at the Irvington Ice & Coal Co.?

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2 responses to “Sunday Adverts: Iceman Cometh (with Coal for your Stocking)”

  1. Basil Berchekas Jr says:

    When my parents still burned coal (and they did till about 1967) we had it delivered from the Hot Spot Coal Company, located at Sherman Drive and East 21st Street, also located on the East Side. They advertised “high quality West Virginia Anthracite” coal. Having relatives on both sides of the family who were coal miners in both West Virginia and Illinois, my parents used coal a little longer than did most people in town.

  2. Paul Jablonski says:

    I purchased an almost identical Irvington Ice & Coal Company coupon book on e-bay for the Allison Branch of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust. The book above is No. 1815 for 5,000 Lbs. and my book is No. 13264H for 2,000 Lbs. Maybe some HI reader can relate the book number to time or year. The books are further linked to Indianapolis as they are printed by the Allison Coupon Company of Indianapolis which has been featured in HI. A unique feature of the coupon book is that each coupon is not a monetary value but is for so many pounds of ice. In my book the coupons are for 25 and 50 pounds of ice.

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