Photo Courtesy of Evan Finch

The matchbook above, likely from the 1950’s or 1960’s, advertises for Knobby’s Drive-In, a mainstay in Indianapolis’ mid-20th century drive-in scene.  The original Knobby’s, located at 52nd and Keystone, was founded in 1951 by William A. “Knobby” Knoll, a veteran who served in the Navy during WWII.  A second location, at 38th and Shadeland, opened later, and featured a Polynesian-themed menu.  The Knobby’s at 52nd and Keystone closed in 2001, and a BP is now in that location.  The 38th and Shadeland location changed names and management for a few years but is also closed, and for a time served as a location for Steven Anderson’s A-OK Karate.  Mr. Knoll passed away in 2010, and is interred in the Washington Park North Cemetery.