Then: Hyde School #1 was constructed by the school system in the 1860s and stood for many decades.  The camera faces west in this 1907 view of the playground. Buildings to the right face Vermont Street and include the Oxford and Wil-Fra-Mar (1897) buildings.


Now: Today the old school site is a parking lot for a former Sears and Roebuck store converted into O’Malia’s (now Marsh) grocery store in the 1980s. The surviving Vermont Street buildings now house the Old Point Tavern, Mass Ave Toys, and Schmidt Associates.

4 responses to “Then & Now: SW Corner New Jersey & Vermont (Recycled)”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Must stay with this historic blog!

  2. Evan Finch says:

    I worked in the Oxford building for five years! It’s nice to see an old shot of it. I never knew that there had been a school nearby.

  3. Norm Morford says:

    Well, now I’ll have a new image in my mind when going to that Marsh store!

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